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good job

Good job with this one man, really enjoyed watching it. One thing that I really liked was the homur, i found this whole flash to be pretty funny, another thing I liked a lot was the good voice acting, which was in very good quality and sounded great, good job.

The sprites in this one were good, not your average boring unmoving sprites but lively animated ones that really looked very well done, good job with that.

The audio was good, the sound affects sounded very cool and in good quality, and like I said the voice acting was great as well.

Good job here man, 5/5 from me, keep up the good work! :D

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Finished it off well

I have to say that I liked this second half of your sprite movie more than I liked the first, it seems like you spent a lot more time on this half to develop the characters and make the storyline more interesting.

The audio was good, again it would have been nice if you had added some oice acting to give the characters some spoken dialogue, but other than that the sound affects were good and in very good quality.

Better job with this one man, 4/5 from me, good job! :)

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sleeeeep responds:

i dont think ill give voice acting to these characters simply because it doesnt seem like this movies kinda style. but who knows maybe ill try a few out in testing.
again thank you for reviewing

stale concept

If there was one major problem with this one, it would have to be the stale concept, I feel like I've seen Mario sprites done a million times and after a while it becomes boring and stale.

The storyline was pretty stale as well, nothing in this flash was really interesting and made me want to watch all the way through.

The audio was good, the sound affects were in good quality and sounded very well done, it would have been better if you would have added some voice acting to it to give the characters some dialogue, which would have made it more interesting.

Wasn;t a big fan of this one man, 2/5 from me, try better next time. :)

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sleeeeep responds:

i do agree that mario or sonic is the majority of spirite movie on NG. BUT im trying to do something here thats not like the rest of the series. You wont see mario flying, blasting kamehameha's or anything like that. Thanks for reviewing

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Good job with this one man, kind of liked how you made a very old and stale concept kind of fun and funny. In fact, my favorite part about this flash was the humor, the buttom seemed very funny, in fact, I read every single thing the button said because it was so funny, some parts even making you chuckle, good job with that.

Like I said, this is a very old concept that I've seen done dozens of times, though you seemed to make it more interesting, adding new buttons, and even scaring me to death with a screamer of sorts at the end, which is something that I havent seen in other button click flashes, good job.

The audio was good, the elevator type music that played whenever the "Technical Difficulty" screen showed up sounded good, and the music that played with the screamer at the end sounded great as well, good job with that.

Good job here man, 5/5 from me, keep up the good work! :)

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not that great

Really wasn't a big fan of this one man, for a few reasons. One being that the artwork picked for the collab kind of sucked, even though I shouldnt be throwing stones because my art skills are crap, but no pieces of art here were even decent, nothing grabbed my attention, next time you arrange an art collab, try and arrange some well put together and well-thought-out pieces of art to give the viewer something nice to see.

The audio was good, very relaxing and pleasant to listen to, really added some nice ambiance to the flash, good job with that.

Another thing I didnt like about it was that sometimes the text bubbles were hard to read, next time make them bigger and the text less sloppy so it's legible.

Better luck next time man, 2/5 from me.

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glitchy and lags

like others have said, the game has noticeable glitches, and i saw then right from the get-go, maybe update it and try and fix those, and i also noticed that it lagged a bit, which caused frustration when the platform wouldn't move and i would lose a life. Also i believe that the game controls would've been better if you could control the platform with the directional buttons on the keyboard. Other than that the game was pretty good, and it was pretty addicting. Try to improve on these things and maybe ill score higher, until then, 7/10 unfortunately.

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Amazing piano

Perfect job with this song mate, really enjoyed listening to it. Though I must say that my favorite part of this song would have to be the great piano, which sounded amazing with the stringed orchestra playing in the background, great job with that. I also really liked the harmony in this piece, the pizzicato from the stringed orchestra provided a great backdrop for the melody, good job with that. Excellent work here buddy, 5/5 as usual, be sure to PM me when you put some new stuff out! :D

Gravey responds:

I agree, the piano is the best. That was the focal point for this song. The orchestral tidbits are introduced only to add some color, so to speak. I really like how the mix turned out, and I'm glad you enjoyed the song.

Thanks for the review.


surprised me, lol

Excellent job with this one here man, really enjoyed listening to it. It surprised me at first because I thought it would be a nice, slow orchestral theme and it was actually a strong and loud song, lol, really liked how you made a song opposite of the title, good job. Really liked the melody here, it was very strong and vigor,yet catchy and ear-pleasing, very dynamic, good job with that. Excellent work, 5/5 from me! :D

Gravey responds:

Thank you very much my friend. It's definitely something I am very proud of. It turned out very nicely in my opinion, and I'm just happy to see so many people enjoying it.

Nice that it got used in a few flash vids too. ;-)


loved it

Very good job here man, really liked this song. My favorite part of this song would have to be the lyrics, which were very well-written and flowed along with the beat greatly, good job with that. The melody was also very good, very catchy and beat-oriented, which is pretty much how old school hip-hop is made, lol, good job. Excellent work here man, 5/5 from me, keep up the good work! :D

Murdaa responds:

thats how we rolee xD

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nice job, recommending for scout!


Good job with this one man, really looked pretty good. Though I really like how well detailed you made it look, very interesting to look at whihc such nice details, good job with that.

If I had one problem with it however it would be the quality of the piece, it looked a bit sloppy and rushed almost, next time try cleaning it up by making a rough sketch first then moving onto a final piece.

Other than that good job here man, 4/5 from me, keep up the good work! :)

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Excellent use of colors

Outstanding work with this one man, really loved the colors, to me they made the piece look very psychedelic and even mesmerizing, especially the vibrant red and blue, that really made the picture look vibrant and interesting, good job with that.

I also liked how you drew the birds as silhouettes, i felt that is only added to the uniqueness of the piece and made it look much more vibrant.

If there was one thing that I didnt care for so much about this piece it would be the border, to me it just felt very out of place, almost like it didnt belong here, next time try not adding a border and it would have been perfect.

Other than that excellent job with this one, 5/5 from me, keep up the good work! :)

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